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Shed Fat Burner

Shed Fat Burner

Designed for healthy weight loss by promoting healthy metabolism.

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Key Ingredients



Not to be confused with the industrial version, edible chromium is a mineral that is found in many foods in small quantities. Chromium may support blood sugar levels already in the normal range. For those reasons, it’s believed that chromium may have a role to play in weight loss, when combined with diet and exercise.



Caffeine is a stimulant that most of us are well aware of. It’s found in coffee, tea, and chocolate. It supports normal function of the brain and nervous system and plays a role in keeping you alert. It also supports muscle function and endurance.



L-Theanine is an amino acid that is said to help support healthy stress response and sleep cycle. It may also play a role in supporting the body’s immune system and respiratory system.


Banaba Leaf

The leaves of the Banaba tree have been traditionally used in folk medicine for centuries. The tree is common to Southeast Asia, and many parts of it are used for their medicinal properties. One important property is that Banaba leaf may support blood sugar levels already in the normal range.

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