About Us

Think, Choose and Live UPP!

Welcome to UPP! We are dedicated to supporting those committed to the grind or, as we like to call them, the Ultimate Performing People. You are the go-getters, jet-setters and dream-biggers of the entrepreneur world ready to tackle new challenges, stretch your capacity and experience big accomplishments. There’s a mountain ahead of you and our goal is to support you along this journey and ensure your dedication to make it to the top is met with the nourishment, rest and balance your mind and body needs. We believe in your dreams. We want you to reach the top. Our best way of assisting you move forward and not come face to face with burnout is through curated support for overall nutrition, mental clarity, stress management and more. Remember, it’s not a race to the top of the mountain; the goal is to make it there in one piece. We are here to help lead you in this journey through promoting healthy routines, providing high-quality supplement solutions and ensuring that every time you see our brand - you’ll be reminded to look UPP and focus on the big picture.

Balance in the Everyday

We understand the significance of a healthy, balanced life and its role in fostering lasting success. As a company, we don’t just believe that taking breaks and prioritizing your health will propel your business forward - we’ve experienced it. We are huge advocates for taking dedicated time away from the chaos in order to prioritize your health, mental wellness and relationships. Stepping back from work can actually lead to your greatest leaps forward. We’ve seen this through clearer thinking, increased motivation, heightened creativity and improved productivity and problem-solving in those who have balanced their personal and professional worlds. We are here to advocate for redirection in a fraction of your dedicated time to your growing business. Invest in yourself - your health, wellness, mindsets and routines. Experience the difference a balanced and healthy life can bring in both your personal and professional worlds. We promise it'll be worth it.